Wednesday, July 27, 2011

About D Symptoms, welcome to my blog. This blog is about health, especially about symptoms of disease and others. Such as cancer symptoms, symptoms of diabetes, pregnancy symptoms, kidney stone symptoms and still many others. You can check your symptoms here for free, my blog still new now, but i'll always update this blog and give you a better and quality information about symptoms.

I am very happy because you want to visit my blog, if you want, you can bookmark this blog and save it on your computer or laptop, so you will more easy to comeback here next time and read the latest information about symptoms.

My nama is Fitry, i am not a doctor, but i know some about health. I got some tips and tutorial about health from my mom and also grandma. The reason i make this blog is because i like writing, and sharing my experience make me so happy. Thanks for coming to my blog, please enjoy your stay here...


All articles, tips and tutorial on my blog are for information only. This is not a replacement of professional consultant, for more information about symptoms and sign of disease, please consult with a doctor